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Julie’s Story


After ten plus years working as a fine artist and graphic designer, I've arrived at custom frame building after discovering a love for all things bike.  It was a natural progression from riding bikes to wrenching on bikes to frame building - a vocation that uses every one of the skills I've developed as an artist as well as a deep understanding and personal love for the lure of the open road. (Or trail!)


I have spent a considerable amount of time honing my skill as a machinist and frame builder with Vincent Rodriguez at Velo+ Bike Shop, Master Builder Doug Fattic, Warren Moore at Protocall Design. As I continue to grow, learn, and create frames it becomes clear that I have found my true calling as a custom frame builder; the most exciting aspect of which is to have the ability to create and share a thing of magic… a bicycle. What could be better than creating artwork that another person can have an intimate, transformative relationship with?  

My focus is on fit for all riders, but especially for the smaller riders who struggle to find a production frame that fits well. Production bikes often make undesirable design compromises in order to manufacture frames for the typical range of average riders. As a custom builder, I have the freedom to build exactly to the specifications of an individual's body and riding style. If you work with me we'll tailor fit, tube selection, wheel size, and component choice to create a bike that is not only comfortable to ride but performs well, too!


Besides fit and function, my other very strong interest is in creating frames with a bit of panache! Custom isn't just about performance - it's about self expression, the mystique of the handmade object, the creative process: aesthetics, design, and beauty. We spend so much time on our bikes, why not ride one that speaks to body, mind, and soul?