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Custom Steel & Titanium Bicycle Frames

Handmade in Lenexa, KS


Build Your Dream Bike

With a focus on fit, function, and design, the team at Pedalino Bicycles is standing by to make your wildest bike dreams come true. For us, the most exciting aspect of custom frame building is the opportunity to collaborate with our amazing clients on eye-catching bike projects. We look forward to getting to know you next! Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


Make it Special

Stand out in the crowd with our in-house designed and CNC machined parts


Custom dropouts? No problem. Custom headbadge? No problem. Custom lugs? No problem. Custom paint? No problem. Custom anodizing? No problem. Starting to see a pattern? The possibilities for customization on our frames are endless and we specialize in making all of those possibilities a reality. No idea is too crazy, so don’t hold back! Here at Pedalino Bicycles World HQ, we aim to make every bike a show bike.

Everything can be customized

Girl Power

Pedalino Bicycles is proud to be woman owned

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Building Rad Bikes Since 2015

Pedalino Bicycles is the brainchild of Julie Ann Pedalino. Coming from a fine arts background, Julie has leveraged her extensive design and fabrication experience into building custom frames. Since beginning her frame building journey, she’s built upon that original skill set to include 3D modeling, parametric CAD design, CAM programming, and CNC machining. She is very excited about exploring tools, materials, and technology and is excited to continue to find novel intersection of art and engineering.

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